Our customers about us

The best way for you to understand how we have helped organizations certified by ISACert to achieve their business goals is to read our success stories.

The Testimonials bellow are given by our clients, many of whom have worked with us for many years and have built up valuable relationships with us. These companies have achieved tangible results of improvement of their food safety and quality procedures with ISACert and contributed to the general confidence in the food chain and we are proud with their certifications.

“Czech-99″ Ltd. is a dairy founded in 1999. The goal of the initiative was to close the production cycle livestock – meat production – milk production – milk processing. Like any modern enterprise “Czech-99” Ltd. invests efforts and resources to ensure quality and hygiene of the products and for this purpose are in place and operating GMP system based on self-Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – HACCP, quality management and food safety system in accordance with international standards ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2008 and IFS.

The certification audit of ISACert contributed to the effectiveness of the implemented and acting in “Chech-99” Ltd. quality and food safety management system. Evidenced by ISACert compliance of our quality and food safety management system with the requirements of the IFS standard is a sign of even more firmly guaranteed quality and safety of our milk products.

Vanya Gerova

Quality Manager of “Chech-99” Ltd., Bulgaria


The company “Dimitar Madjarov – 2” Ltd. is a manufacturer of dairy and meat products and is already 20 years on the Bulgarian market. A guiding principle in our production is strict observance of technological process and hygiene. Since 2005 GMP have been introduced, HACCP system since 2006, ISO 9001 since 2008 and since 2011 they are certified according IFS. Their partners are the largest retail chains: Metro, Billa, Kaufland, Piccadilly, Carrefour, Lidl, Fantastico, T-Market, Hit and more. In 2009 the brand “Dimitar Madjarov” is in the Top 20 of the prestigious Superbrands 2009-2010 and the leader in the category “Meat products” in the same chart for 2012 to 2013.

“We, at the “Dimitar Madjarov-2”Ltd.  are delighted with our certification according the standard IFS Food, version 5 in recognition of our dedication and commitment to excellent quality and service.

Our company has selected services of ISACert because it is one of the leading certification bodies with excellent references and experience in certifying similar companies in the food industry.

Auditor of ISACert demonstrated professional attitude and deep knowledge in the process of checking our quality system. During the execution of the contract all pre-agreed terms and conditions were met.

In connection with the above, we recommend the company to be elected as a competitive provider of audit and certification services. “

Dimitar Madjarov

Managing Director of “Dimitar Madjarov-2″Ltd., Bulgaria


“Dobrudjanski hlqb” JSC is a leading manufacturer of bread whose products reach customers nationwide. Striving for consistent quality, traditional taste and innovative recipes accompanies workflow from inception in 1934 to the present day. The wide range of products meets requirements of customers, their life, culture and customs.

“Full cooperation and commitment on the part of ISACert in our common work is an example for successful cooperation between business and audit and certification organizations. The certification of ISACert according international food standards generates customer trust. Today it is an absolute prerequisite for the sale of private-label products.”

Nikolay Nikolov
Food Technologist of “Dobrudjanski hlqb” JSC, Bulgaria

“Etap-Address” JSC founded in 2007 is factory for production and bottling of mineral water in Burzia, Berkovitsa, district Montana where the company built production facility and began operations in bottling mineral water under the brand name “KOM”. Production of mineral water is certified according ISO 22000:2005 and IFS standards by ISACert. “Etap-Address” distributes its products throughout the country and is a supplier to large retail chains like Kaufland, Carrefour, Picadilly and Mercator. “

“ISA Cert features a precision and competence. Professionalism demonstrated by ISA Cert in terms of the way they manage the entire certification process allows us to give high appreciation for their company services.

ISA Cert gave us expert evaluation of our work and guidelines for improvements. Certification according IFS Food standard increased our business opportunities.”

Jaklin Rakovska
Director of “Etap-Adress” JSC, Bulgaria


“Hraninvest” Ltd. is a dynamic company, a market leader in the Bulgarian dairy industry, established in 2000, based in Varna – the biggest city in Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast.The company produces, packages and delivers more than 30 types of dairy products – butter, oils of vegetable fat, processed cheese, dairy pates. In his own dairy in s. General Kiselovo they produce premium – cream, cream cheese, butter, and cheese.

Environmentally friendly materials, automated production lines, well-trained and dedicated staff, compliance to standards ISO 9001 and IFS provide high quality of our products. “Hraninvest” Ltd. has its products in all major retail chains operating on the Bulgarian market.The company holds license to export and a large amount of products are sold on international markets.

“We chose ISACert as a provider of audit and certification services among many other organizations because of their professional expertise and efficiency and we hope to continue working with ISACert in the future.

During performance of the contract all pre-agreed terms and conditions were met.

Auditors of ISACert Bulgaria Ltd. act professionally and knowledge in the process of checking our quality system.
Professional assessment ISACert after audit of both production units and helped convince us that we should continue with further improvements to our food safety management system for quality, and thus preserve the interests of the company and increase the confidence of our customers do business with us.

Since the first IFS certification Hraninvest Ltd. has always achieved “higher level”” results and recertification audit in 2012.

In connection with the above, we give to ISACert Bulgaria our positive assessment of the opportunities to use the service “Checking the systems for quality control of food products” and we recommend the company to be elected as a competitive provider of certification services.”

Eng. Toni Bonjov
Food Technologist of “Hraninvest” Ltd., Bulgaria


“Karmela 2000” Ltd. was founded in 1998 and produces a wide range of confectionery products – plain and coated waffles, cakes, biscuits, cookies, desserts with fillings. Best known brands are “Family”, “Golden cake”, “Karmela”,”Sweet pleasure”,”Royal Karmela” and others.

“We were very happy with the audit and the professionalism of ISACert in the way the whole process was managed. We received the support needed from their side throughout the whole audit and certification process. Auditors are highly experienced and staff is very polite and always ready to help in a professional manner.”

Sonya Stoyanova
Managing Director of “Karmela 2000” Ltd., Bulgaria


The company “KRONOS” JSC was established in 1991 and its main activity is trading, processing and packaging of all kinds of nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and dried fruits. Main clients of “KRONOS” JSC are chains like Metro, Billa, Evropa, Familia, HIT, Kaufland, Fantastiko, Kalea and more. Also supplies supermarkets, kiosks, restaurants, cafes and entertainment.

The organization has excellent specialists with extensive experience in all types of activities on the subject of specialization of the company. They possess the necessary qualification documents required by Bulgarian law.

“Being a customer of ISACert, they provided us with better insight on our operations and made us more efficient. Certification enabled us to improve our own operations and allows us to provide our customers with a good and responsible product. The auditors are very knowledgeable and the staff at ISACert is very courteous and is always ready to help in a professional manner.”

Petya Petrova
Quality Assurance of “Kronos” JSC, Bulgaria


“Laktima” Ltd. is specialized in the production of milk and dairy products. The company offers the most popular yoghurt drink – “Balkan”, as well as many others products with milk and fruit tastes.

“Laktima” Ltd. is the first company in the dairy industry, which introduces the industrial production of traditional Bulgarian yogurt before 11 years and long time remains the only manufacturer in the country. In the middle of 2011 they completed the renovation of existing facilities and implementation of its new bottling line with a capacity of 8,000 bottles per hour.

Products of “Laktima” Ltd. are popular and demanded because of their traditional high quality and taste of homemade yogurt. The company works according to the requirements of GMP – good manufacturing practices and a system of quality control – HACCP.

“Prior to the achievement of triple certification we already have had excellent recommendations for ISACert. With their extensive experience and understanding of our business, they will remain our certification body in the future.

ISACert audit and certification services make a positive contribution to operational efficiency – the improvements in safety justify the costs involved. By optimizing all of the work processes, we were able to optimize costs at the same time. ISACert is a trusted partner that we recommend to all companies in food industry.”

Eng. Maria Bogdanova
Food Technologist of “Laktima” Ltd., Bulgaria