ISACert East Europe has substantial experience in supporting retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to train their own staff and their suppliers.

The portfolio of our training services includes:

  • Trainings for different certification standards in our portfolio (IFS, BRC, FSSC 22000, Global GAP, ISO and etc.);
  • Trainings for internal auditors, also standard related;
  • Customized on-site company trainings in the field of quality and food safety;
  • Trainings for suppliers of retailers and international food manufacturers;

ISACert trainers’ competence

  • Established auditors integrating the ISACert specific methodology of auditing in the training course – ISACert does not limit the audit to listing of non-conformities but always includes a thorough analysis to find the root cause of the symptoms or non-conformities found. This helps the audited company to formulate an action plan and gives confidence that the actions undertaken will be effective. Major part of the auditing time is spent on the production floors. One element of our auditing methodology is to perform a product trail. This trail is more than a traceability test – it proves the existence of an overall risk-based approach across all departments and finds the weak spots that increase risk and need to be considered for improvement.
  • Extensive professional background in food production and quality roles – Having their own experience, our trainers can always put themselves in the shoes of participants in trainings. ISACert trainers are able to use their own experience and add ISACert specific training elements to help participants apply the learnings from the training to their own work-situation.
  • Demonstrated trainer skills or affection with training – Every trainer is trained and his performance is monitored on a regular basis.
  • Pragmatic approach, delivered by auditors from the field who approach the standards from “every-day-life at all levels” rather than from a theoretical point of view.
  • First hand insight for the latest development of standard requirements – ISACert participates in the Technical Committees of standards and the Technical Working Groups of the Global Food Safety Initiative, the latter playing a major role in setting benchmarking criteria towards the international food safety schemes.
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